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Travel Passport, LLC Future Tours

Please check which tours you would like

________________New York - June 5-10, 2018

                                     Deposit $300.00 per person 

________________Alaska Land & Sea - July 6-18, 2018 with Holland America

                                    Deposit $300.00 per person

________________Logan Opera Tour - August 2-4, 2018                                

                                    Deposit $100.00 per person

________________Southern Utah Tour -  Aug 23-25, 2018

                                    Deposit $100.00 per person 

________________China Land & Cruise with Viking River Cruises

                                 September 27th - October 11th, 2018

                                    Deposit $600.00 per person

________________ Christmas in Branson - November 5-9, 2018

                                    Deposit $250.00 per person                                    

________________Australia and New Zealand with Holland America

                                 January 28th-February 11th, 2019

                                     Deposit $600.00 per person -

                                     Flights - January 26th to arrive by January 28th, 2019.


OR fill in for cruises / tours not listed above:



     (check)                     (Name of tour or cruise)                       (Date)


_________________  ________________________________  ____________________




(Please write your name exactly as it appears on your driver’s license,

or if overseas tour or cruise, your passport.  

If pregnant, special cruise factors apply.  Please let us know.


Address _________________________________________________________________________




Telephone home (______)______________________ Work (_______)______________


Cell Number (_______)____________________E-Mail__________________________


Birthdate ______________________________________________________________


Name of someone to notify in case of emergency_______________________________


Relationship___________________Phone number (______)_____________________


Address: ______________________________________________________________


E-mail of Emergency Contact:  _____________________________________________


I am requesting a quad room ___, triple room ___, double room ____, single room ____


Roommate Name(s) _____________________________________________________


I want a room with      2 Beds ________________        1 Bed_____________________

All requests to extend this trip either at the beginning or at the end

must be in writing.

I will be doing my own air.   _______________

I realize that airport transfers to and from the hotel or cruise line may be

an additional charge. Yes _______________ No _________________


Passport Number ________________________________________________________


Passport Expiration Date:  ________________________________________________


Are there any allergies, medical or dietary needs that we need to be aware of?________




Do you need a handicapped room? Yes____________________ No____________

 If choosing a cruise what type of stateroom would you like:

_____________    Balcony

_____________    Ocean View

_____________    Inside


Please call with any questions you have at 800-677-4750 or 801-423-1081.

When ready to sign up for any trips please print out the form and mail

a check or call with credit card information.

You can use a credit card with any of the cruises.

The Credit Card will be charged by the cruise line.

Name On Credit Card _____________________________________________________

Credit Card Type, Visa, MC, AE, etc. _________________________________________

Credit Card Number _______________________________________________________

Expiration Date:  _________________________________     CVC # ________________

Billing Address For Card:  __________________________________________________


Phone Number For Credit Card:  __ __________________________________________


The other tours will need to be paid by check, cash, money order, etc.

Please make check out to:

                         Travel Passport, LLC

Fax: 801-423-1082

Mail to: P.O. Box 1336, Salem, UT   84653

 E-mails: or