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Travel Passport, LLC Future Tours

Please check which tours you would like


________________Mexican Riviera Cruise - Carnival Splendor - February 10-17, 2018

                                     (Deposit $250 per person due at application)

________________Logan Opera Tour - July 26-28, 2017                                 

                                     Deposit $100.00 per person due November 30, 2016

________________Southern Utah Tour -  Aug 16-18, 2017

                                    Deposit $100.00 per person due November 30, 2016

________________New York - September 26- Oct. 1, 2017

                                     Deposit $300.00 per person

________________Mississippi River Cruise  - September 10-18, 2017

                                    Deposit to be determined by type of stateroom

________________Canada & New England Cruise  - October 7-14, 2017

                                     (Deposit is determined by cruise line and promotion at time of booking)

________________South America & Antarctica - January 27 - February 22, 2018

                                      Deposit $600.00 per person - fully refundable 

                                      until final payment which is due October 30, 2017

________________Alaska Land & Sea - July 6-18, 2018

                                    Deposit will be required when you book

OR fill in for cruises / tours not listed above:


     (check)                     (Name of tour or cruise)                       (Date)


_________________  ________________________________  ____________________




(Please write your name exactly as it appears on your driver’s license,

or if overseas tour or cruise, your passport.  If no passport for a cruise please write the

name exactly as on your birth certificate.  If female, and married, please write your first,

middle and married name and bring a copy of your marriage license on the cruise.)

If pregnant, special cruise factors apply.  Please let us know.


Address _________________________________________________________________________




Telephone home (______)______________________ Work (_______)______________


Cell Number (_______)____________________E-Mail__________________________


Birthdate ______________________________________________________________


Name of someone to notify in case of emergency_______________________________


Relationship___________________Phone number (______)_____________________


Address: ______________________________________________________________


E-mail of Emergency Contact:  _____________________________________________


I am requesting a quad room ___, triple room ___, double room ____, single room ____


Roommate Name(s) _____________________________________________________


I want a room with      2 Beds ________________        1 Bed_____________________

All requests to extend this trip either at the beginning or at the end

must be in writing.

I will be doing my own air.   _______________

I realize that airport transfers to and from the hotel or cruise line may be

an additional charge. Yes _______________ No _________________


Passport Number ________________________________________________________


Passport Expiration Date:  ________________________________________________


Are there any allergies, medical or dietary needs that we need to be aware of?________




Do you need a handicapped room? Yes____________________ No____________

 If choosing a cruise what type of stateroom would you like:

_____________    Balcony

_____________    Ocean View

_____________    Inside


Please call with any questions you have at 800-677-4750 or 801-423-1081.

When ready to sign up for any trips please print out the form and mail

a check or call with credit card information.

You can use a credit card with any of the cruises.

The Credit Card will be charged by the cruise line.

Name On Credit Card _____________________________________________________

Credit Card Type, Visa, MC, AE, etc. _________________________________________

Credit Card Number _______________________________________________________

Expiration Date:  _________________________________     CVC # ________________

Billing Address For Card:  __________________________________________________


Phone Number For Credit Card:  __ __________________________________________


The other tours will need to be paid by check, cash, money order, etc.

Please make check out to:

                         Travel Passport, LLC

Fax: 801-423-1082

Mail to: P.O. Box 1336, Salem, UT   84653

 E-mails: or