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Branson to Nauvoo
September 6 - 13, 2016


Get the Vision of America's Heartland  

Revel in the music and history that made us who we are!


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See Missouri and Illinois as you have never seen them before:  get up close and personal with the Western Migration.


A generous slice of life awaits you on this fabulous trip!  Travel Missouri by deluxe motor coach, relax and enjoy winning shows at Branson, tour the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, see Tennessee Williams' country and learn of his writing.  Then head up to Hannibal -- Mark Twain's stomping ground.  Finish off with a close-up view of Nauvoo, Illinois, and the beginning of the Westward experience for many of the early settlers of Utah.



Day   Date      Happenings

Tue        Sep  6       Fly from Salt Lake City to St. Louis.  Travel by motor coach to Branson, dinner enroute, evening show Puttin' on the Ritz.

Wed       Sep  7      City tour of Branson, lunch at Famous Dave's plus shopping at Branson Landing, dinner and show at The Dixie Stampede, finish the day with Incredible Acrobats of China.

Thu        Sep  8       Visit the Veterens' Museum, enjoy lunch and entertainment on the showboat Branson Belle, explore downtown Branson, dinner at Uptown Cafe '16, delight in the performance of the Hughes Brothers show.

Fri          Sep  9       Travel to St. Louis, have a guided city tour, visit Grant's farm to see the famous Clydesdales, go up in the Gateway Arch, learn of Tennessee Williams and The Glass Menagerie, dinner; then overnight in St. Louis.

Sat         Sep 10      On to Hannibal, MO.   Tour Mark Twain's boyhood home, have lunch at Becky Thatcher's, visit the Twain Museum, see the fence, explore Tom Sawyer's cave, meet and greet Tom and Becky, enjoy an ice cream social at the Twain Dinette, relaxat the Mark Twain Riverboat Dinner Cruise & Show; then travel upriver to Nauvoo, Illinois to spend the night.

Sun        Sep 11      Attend church in Nauvoo, have lunch, visit Carthage Jail, spend time at the LDS Visitor Center, see the Women's Garden,  explore Historic Nauvoo (sites open until 5:00 pm, enjoy dinner and relax for the evening.

Mon        Sep 12    Temple session for those who want it at 8:00 am, guided tour of Nauvoo, eat lunch and have more time to experience Nauvoo.  Enjoy dinner and the missionary show in the evening.

Tue         Sep 13    Eat breakfast, check out of hotel and travel to St. Louis to fly back to Salt Lake City.



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Unquestionably one of the most popular spots for Americans to visit, Branson has more than 50 theaters in addition to museums, shopping malls, golf courses, water attractions, a historic railroad, and more.  You will certainly find much to do and lots to see in this beautiful city located in the Ozark mountains in Southwestern Missouri.



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St. Louis

Long known as the "gateway" to the west, this charming city dates back to the days when this part of the United States was French.  From here the Lewis and Clark made their historic trek to find a path to reach the Pacific Ocean and countless thousands of emigrants went to settle the West.  Here we can visit the Gatewahy Arch which is a monument to celebrate this westward explansion.  The city when combined with its metropolitian area is the largest city in Missouri and one of the largest cities in the USA.  This area has been governed by France, Spain, Great Britian, and finally the United States since it is part of the Louisiana Purchase.  At the time of US acquisition, it was the 4th largest city in the country.  It remains a center of culture, manufacturing, trade, medicine, and research.   In 1904 St. Louis hosted both the 1904 World's Fair and 1904 Summer Olympics, the first to be held outside of Europe. Definitely we are pleased to spend time and learn more about this important and beautiful city.




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Hannibal, MO

A visit  here is like stepping back in history.  It would not be surprising to see Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn coming around the corner, nor to find Mark Twain piloting a riverboat on the mighty Mississippi River.   Much of history is preserved for modern day visitors to enjoy.  Explore Samuel L. Clemens's (aka Mark Twain) hometown and the setting for some of his most memorable novels.  Nearby Mark Twain Cave and Cameron Cave take the visitor right back into the pages of Tom Sawyer.




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Nauvoo, Illinois

Further upriver from St. Louis and Hannibal, Nauvoo was once the largest city in the state of Illinois.  Today it is more of a sleepy little town and has been called the "Williamsburg of the Midwest."  The restored town reflects what life was like on the frontier when Mormon settlers turned a tiny village of Commerce into wht they called "The City Beautiful."  Their stay was fairly short before they were forced to relocate to Utah and the desert of the Great Basin.  Spend time here getting the feel and excitement of how people really lived in1840; then find where some of your own ancestors resided in this remarkable city to take away memories you can't get anywhere else.










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